Remote control shades raise more than just eyebrows 

Remote control shades accord you the opportunity to control the opening and closing of your window cover. Today, they have been successfully integrated with home automation technology to make it easy for you to operate your home security aspect even if you are hundreds of miles away from home.

How do motorized shades work to cover your windows?

Motorized shades could be controlled remotely using a remote controller or smartphone apps that are compatible with it. Just by a simple touch of a button on a remote or a control panel, you are able to cover your window as you please. Also, they can be integrated with home schedulers to make them close or open at a particular time depending on how you program them.

How do they operate?

These window shades use motors to work. These motors are powered using either a battery or electricity. Motorized shades that use batteries are cordless, hence safer to use especially when you have kids and pets in your home. Those that use electricity normally have hardwire that connects them to an electric source outlet. Sometimes, those that run on electric power have their own power source so that you can operate them even when there is power blackout.

What should you look out for when buying these remote control shades?

Before deciding to buy a remote control shade for your window, there are a few factors that you should consider. You could begin by looking at your windows treatment budget. Once you have decided the amount that you wish to spend on the shades, you could proceed into looking at other factors such as the designs and styles of the remote control shade.

Once you have done all that, make sure that you can operate the shades with a lot of ease using a remote controller, compatible smartphone app or a scheduler. This will provide convenience during operation.