Key considerations when choosing motorized curtains and Electric Drapes 

Home automation has transformed many homes, both large and small, in the recent past. Everything, from lighting systems to window treatments, has been automated or made easy to control. Advanced motorized curtains and electric drapes have also been made available to many home owners to help them control their home’s security aspect. They are also used to control the amount of sunlight that penetrate the windows of homes. Even though motorized curtains and electric drapes are ideal window treatment solution for your home, you need to understand that they come in different styles and designs. For this reason, you will need some key considerations when buying one.

What are these key considerations?

There are a few factors that any buyer should never overlook. They include the following:

  • The style of the motorized curtain and electric drape

Motorized curtains and electric drapes come in two styles: the pinch pleat and the ripple fold. These two styles stack differently. The pinch pleat stacks tighter and smaller than the ripple fold which stacks in S-shape style. So, if you’re looking for a style that stacks tighter and smaller, then you know which to opt for. Besides the styles, you also have the option to choose a fabric that works for you best.

  • How the motorized curtain will open and close

Window treatment companies have manufactured and designed electric drapes to open in three major styles: right, left or center. When the motorized curtain open to the right, it will stack itself on the right side of your window. If it opens to the left, it will stack itself on the left side of the window. But if it opens from the center, your curtain will stack itself on either side of the window, i.e. on both sides of the window. Motorized curtains normally cover about 30% of their entire length when they stack. If proper space is not left on your window’s side(s), then you will have ‘stacking off the glass’ problem. You should therefore leave some space on your window sides to make sure that the curtain doesn’t cover any window section when fully opened.

  • The fabric weight of your motorized curtain

Weight of the fabric of your motorized curtain is also a very important factor to consider. If your fabric is heavy, you will need more than one motor to operate your motorized curtain. Fabrics that weigh less need only one motor for operation. When buying motorized curtains, you could consult window treatment professionals like Lutron for expert assistance.