Overview of Lighting Types and Their Uses

When it comes to lighting, there are various things to keep in mind before choosing a particular one and one of the most important things is that the customer should have a good enough idea about the purpose that the lights need to serve. Based on this idea, he or she would be able to select one from the numerous types available in the market. Some of these are:

Residential type:

These lightings are meant for use in house and other residential areas. Features like luminous intensity and colouring index would be suited for activities like reading. Also the power consumption would be a major design constraint because household lights would have to run for long durations. Indoor and outdoor lights are different from each other.

Industrial type:

These lightings are suited for industries where the energy consumption is not the primary concern. The lights should provide proper lighting so that the employees or workers would be able to work at their maximum potential. Also controlling the lights should be central in case of industries because there would be a large number of lights in the building.


These are lights used in stores and similar areas. The idea is to make sure that the objects for sale appear attractive to the customers. In restaurants, the lightings should be able to provide an ambience that the customers would like. In areas like movie theatres, special lights are used to attract the attention of customer to special regions like the cafeteria.


These lights are meant for public areas like streets. The colouring index is not a priority but the maintenance requirement and the efficiency are factors that are very important for such public lightings.