Lighting Control Automation- How It Can Help Your Business

Automation, if you don’t know by now, refers to the use of automatic control systems to control and operate equipment. In this day and age where commercial automation is the norm, some businesses still struggle with making a decision on which automation systems to acquire.

Lighting control automation can improve the quality of your commercial business experience by helping you obtain energy and cost savings, increasing your security and also increasing your comfort. Here’s how:

Business Presentation

Imagine walking into a conference room-in an educational or office setting – and instead of walking to the wall switches you dim the lights from your phone or smart gadget and set the right mood for the presentation. With intuitive light controls you can make your HD video or slideshow graphs more beautiful to look at and can quickly transform the room to suit its function. Lighting controls are even more fun as you can save the ideal light setting s before the event.

Energy Saving

For most businesses, lighting control automation is not worth it if it doesn’t give a return on investments. With commercial setups the returns with this automation are not only quantifiable, they are also immediate. Lighting controls can help reduce business expenses by reducing air conditioning expenses (reduced heat gain) and also using commercial dimmers that reduce lighting expenses by nearly 60 percent.

Increased Security

Proper lighting can boost employee safety and help with burglary prevention. You can integrate your lighting automation with motion sensors so that lights immediately turn on when someone approaches areas around your building that are hidden. This will wade off potential intruders and eliminate tripping hazards.

Lighting automation is also accompanies by timers that you can pre-set in the event that you want to close business for a while. You can set your lights to go on and off so no one knows the building is unoccupied.

Whether your business has a wired system in place or you want lighting controls for a remodel project, can help design and install a custom solution that meets your unique needs.